Best VPN for Mobile - August 2018

Did you know that browsing using your mobile could put your personal information at risk? Let us help you find the best VPN to keep your browsing safe, secure, and anonymous!

Updated for August 2018
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Best Mobile VPN
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Most Commonly Asked Questions about VPN for Mobile Devices

Did you know that using your smartphone or tablet device on public Wi-Fi can put your personal information at risk? A public network at a cafe or restaurant lacks a secure connection, and hackers could potentially steal your data. This could result in your bank account, passwords, or personal information getting into the wrong hands.

Mobile VPN features protect data stored on mobile devices from hackers. A VPN for mobile encrypts all data to prevent incidents like fraud or identity theft by maintaining a secure internet connection wherever you go. If you are interested in purchasing a mobile VPN, we have all you need to know to get started in understanding different VPN for mobile features and top-rated products.

1. What is a Mobile VPN?

A mobile VPN means a mobile virtual private network. With a VPN for mobile, the endpoint changes constantly as users move between different Wi-Fi connections or cellular access points. The mobile VPN automatically adjusts network logins as the user roams between endpoint connections.

2. What kind of features do VPNs for mobile provide?

Secure browsing - Accessing public Wi-Fi through your mobile device puts your personal and financial data at risk. A VPN for mobile provides a secure connection by encrypting all data transfers.

Access region-restricted websites - Some companies restrict which users can access their service or website according to region. Let’s say you live in the United States and want to access BBC iPlayer which has a region lock. A VPN can open access to the BBC iPlayer by accessing an IP address in a different region. This also works for users in countries with governments that restrict certain websites like Facebook or Twitter. A VPN circumnavigates those restrictions, giving users access to forbidden sites.

3. What other mobile VPN features should I look for when comparing products?

While all mobile VPNs have the same function, some companies offer better VPN mobile features. Take ExpressVPN, for example, which offers safe connections with unlimited bandwidth and speed, promising a fast connection while browsing on the VPN. You also want to check whether or not the VPN functions on your device’s operating system such as iOS, Android, or Windows. You can easily compare features and pricing in our Mobile VPN provider comparison chart and reviews to assist in deciding which on the best VPN for mobile for you.

4. Are free VPN services as good as paid? 

While free VPN services are good for basic VPN needs, paid plans offer more comprenhensive coverage and features. Free plans may have slower speeds, limited IP addresses, and weak support. If you wish to try out a great VPN service with a paid plan, but want to test its features first, try ExpressVPN's 1 month risk-free trial.